We’re a safe pair of hands when it comes to delivering infrastructure 

Every year, we spend hundreds of millions of dollars on maintaining, upgrading and expanding our infrastructure to ensure we meet the needs of a growing city.

Our strategy is laid out in our Asset Management Plan which outlines how we are investing over $11 billion on infrastructure between 2018 and 2038. It's a large and thoroughly-compiled document that talks about how we respond to customer needs, climate change and population growth. 

Our commitment to you

Watercare Services Limited | Asset Management Plan

Our commitment to you

As the city grows, we are upgrading and extending our core water and wastewater infrastructure – all while maintaining the thousands of kilometres of pipes, pump stations and plants.

Asset Management Plan summary


Asset Management Plan summary

Find out the highlights of the Asset Management Plan in this short summary.

Did you know?

Our projects are paid for by a combination of water and wastewater service charges, infrastructure growth charges and borrowed money. 

We don’t receive any funding from Auckland Council or Government. All the money we receive from you, our customers, goes back into your water and wastewater services.

Our planning and development will always take future uncertainties into account, so that infrastructure and communities remain future-proofed and strong. We carry out the planning process for these upgrades in conjunction with Auckland Council, together with the likes of developers building new housing developments.  

We have dozens of infrastructure projects underway across the Auckland region. Find out about some of them below. 

A growing city demands growth in infrastructure